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Nara Higashi-Ikoma Campus

1Building 1

Central Building for Faculty of Letters, State-of-the-Art Facilities

This building accommodates 19 lecture rooms and five seminar rooms in addition to joint research rooms. Also housed in this building are two departments of the Faculty of Letters, a graduate school (the Department of Japanese Traditional Culture, Graduate School of Humanities), and the Institute of Comprehensive Nara Cultural Studies.

45Buildings 4 and 5

Decorated with a cloud motif, these buildings house the Faculty of Economics and the Faculty of Business Administration. The Student Hall—located close to the entrance of these buildings—receives abundant sunlight and is always full of students. When the weather is fine, students sit on the terrace and enjoy the fresh air.

6Building 6

Housing the Faculty of Law, this building has a wide range of law books in storage, including those related to certification examinations. The building is uniquely designed, with walls comprising large windows and an open ceiling reaching up to the third floor. The lawn stretching out in front of the building is used as a stage during university festivals.

7Building 7

Computer Rooms Freely Available for Students

Students are free to use the numerous computer rooms in this building. With around 400 computers connected to about 30 servers, the building serves as a hub for computer networking on campus.


With a collection in the region of 380,000 books, the library is a treasure trove of knowledge and information. In this bright room with windows on all sides, students can comfortably immerse themselves in their studies. As the library employs an open-stack system, students can freely access the entire book collection. Located on the first floor of the building is the study counseling room, where students can consult staff about their studies.


A variety of well-balanced and reasonably priced food items are served at the cafeteria, which was renovated and reopened in 2011. Diners can choose from a range of dishes, including a Special of the Day, a buffet, a salad bar, and desserts.

13Building 9

In this building, you can find the multi-purpose Mahoroba Hall, which is used to hold a wide variety of events. Also housed in the same building are the Entrance Examination Division; the Student Exchange Division, which provides support for students wanting to study abroad to promote international communication; and the Career Center, which helps students with their recruitment activities.

14Archaeological Research Institute and Museum of Tezukayama University

This institute specializes in the study of the Asuka period (AD 538–AD 710). The museum, which adjoins the university, has on public display a collection of about 3,150 roof tiles made in Japan, China, and Korea. Curatorial internships—a requirement for attaining qualification as a museum curator—are also offered at this museum.

31Tennis Courts

Students can reserve one of three courts and enjoy playing tennis surrounded by lush greenery.

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