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Tezukayama University’s motto is Meticulous Education and Support for Students.

In this section of our website you’ll find a variety of information, including an annual schedule of curricular and extra-curricular activities and events; details on support systems for foreign students; and information about student living consultation services. Tezukayama University aims to support students both inside and outside the classroom and make their university life both fulfilling and enjoyable.


Along with the university schedule for the year, this calendar lists curricular and extra-curricular activities of interest to foreign students. Information about a speech contest is included.

Student Exchange Division

The Student Exchange Division has offices on both the Higashi-Ikoma and Gakuen-Mae campuses. If you are a foreign student with a question about anything related to school or life in Japan, this is the place to come.

Academic Exchange Agreements

Tezukayama University has agreements with 12 universities in six countries.

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