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Basic Data

The following information provides an outline of Tezukayama University

(as of 2012)

Number of students

3,439 undergraduate students and 57 graduate students

Number of students
  • We have four graduate schools specializing in the fields of Humanities, Economics, Psychological Sciences, and Law and Policy. A total of 79students are immersed in advanced studies in these fields.

Number of students by region of origin

We provide extensive support for students who live by themselves.

Number of students by region of origin

Number of International Students

We have signed exchange agreements with universities in six countries so that we can serve as a hub in Asia and promote international communication.

Our international communication program consists of a study-abroad scholarship comprising either one year of formal education or six months of language study; a three-month study abroad program, for which units are accredited to students of the Department of English Communication; and a short-term (one month) study abroad language program.

Number of international students by country

Number of international students by faculty

International Exchange Program for 2011
Program Types Countries Number of students
Scholarship formal study Scholarship language study United States 7
South Korea 1
Three-month study program (units accredited) United States 5
One-month language study United States 10
Spain 12
New Zealand 15

Number of teaching staff

The total number of university staff is about 665.

Number of full-time teaching staff by faculty

Number of university staff

IT Network

TUNE*—the IT network of Tezukayama University—links more than 1,000 PCs that can be used by students.

* Tezukayama University Network Evolution

IT Network

Tezukayama has won more Good Practice Awards than virtually any other private
university in Kansai.

For five consecutive years, 11 programs have been selected for higher-education grant funding by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology!

Tezukayama University’s educational activities are highly regarded by the Ministry, and many of them have achieved GP (Good Practice) designations.

Organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology, the GP Award program is a highly effective ongoing financial-aid project designed to support innovative university programs and improve higher education. As well as publicizing selected programs, the project aims to provide an incentive for national, public, and private universities to improve their educational performance. The GP Awards also serve as a model for future grant programs.

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