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Nara Gakuen-Mae Campus

10Building 18

A Variety of Training Facilities and a Cafeteria

Completed in April, 2009, this building houses a number of practice rooms, including those for music, performing arts, childcare, and education. A lounge and cafeteria are also located here to provide places of rest and refreshment.

Childcare practice room
Music room
Gymnastics room
Computer room
Tezukayama cafe

3Building 16

Campus Landmark Offers Latest Multimedia Facilities

Along with the latest multimedia facilities, including computers and AV equipment, this nine-floor building houses a career consultation center and a medical clinic to provide comprehensive support for students.

4Building 14

Student Hall

The Student Hall is located directly above the cafeteria. Students can dine, study, or check their faculty bulletin board in this spacious hall.


Reading Room
Online Book Search

The library has a collection of about 220,000 books—with genres ranging from psychology, nutrition, and architecture to interior design, arts, and childcare—all of which can be searched online for quick access. The library can also be used as a study room.

AV Booth

4Building 10

Practice Room for Catering Management
Practice Facilities for Fostering Food Specialists and Mind Specialists

The practice rooms located in this building include a test kitchen for the Department of Food and Nutrition and a room where students from the Department of Psychology can learn about adventure-based counseling.

Clinical Nutrition Practice Room
Psychology Practice Room
(Adventure-Based Counseling)

5Building 5

Drafting Room
Drafting, Weaving, and Living Space Design

In the spacious drafting room, each student is given his or her own drafting table. Another room in this building contains machines that students can use to practice weaving items such as tapestries. In addition to facilities used to give professional training to students from the Department of Living Space Design, the building also houses rooms for conducting seminars and behavioral testing.

Weaving Room
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