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Educational Philosophy

KIZUNA Expanding Out into Society

Since its foundation in 1964, Tezukayama University has poured its efforts into education that respects the individuality of the students and helps them to flourish. The founding spirit of the university has been handed down to today. The university provides distinctive education in six faculties and nine departments, supported by the following themes: excellence in education; comprehensive academic and non-academic support for students; openness to both the local and international communities; and an abundance of unique characteristics.

In addition to the specific education offered by each faculty, the University coordinates with the local community to create a mutually beneficial relationship between individual students and the community. By engaging the expertise of the local community, a student gains valuable experience. At the same time, the community gains by putting its expertise to good use and helping to produce a graduating student that will contribute to society. We are striving to be a university that is open to the community and contributes to society.

Another major characteristic of the university is the focused support for job hunting, in the form of initiatives such as “interview-based report internships” and Tezukayama Family (TF) Seminars—the latter offered by a network comprising parents of students, alumni, and parents of alumni.
Tezukayama University is brimming with high-quality educational services and the kizuna to support them.

Mission Statement

Tezukayama University aims to enable students to:

  • Advance knowledge and promote deeper understanding of Japanese tradition, culture, and society from an interdisciplinary perspective.
  • Achieve specialized knowledge, creativity, and practical skills to respond to the needs of society.
  • Make contributions to the local and global communities.
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