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Faculty of Business Administration

Department of Business Administration

Acquire professional qualifications that can readily be employed on the front lines of business.

We foster the advanced IT skills and business sense demanded by today’s society.

On the front lines of business, people need to develop flexibility in applying the information technology skills at the core of modern society. They also need specialized knowledge in areas such as management and accounting. The unique curriculum in the Department of Business Administration includes seminars and other classes that equip students with the fundamentals and practical techniques needed to be management specialists, while also providing them with professional qualifications that they can put to immediate use in business.

Study Content


Management Course: Corporate Management Course

Students study the fundamentals of management while learning how to gather and analyze information and form and validate hypotheses.

Management Course: Tourism Management Course

In addition to regular management skills such as management strategy, accounting, and finances, students learn the key management principles of the tourism industry. Internships give students the chance to apply the theory they learn in actual business settings.

Accounting Course

This course produces experts ready for the profession of accounting. Many of our students aim to become chartered accountants or tax accountants, while others aim to work in financial institutions or companies in other fields. This department’s goal is to have students pass at least level 3 of the national official business skill test in bookkeeping, with levels 2 and 1 also attainable.

IT Course

This course turns out IT specialists. Students not only acquire advanced IT skills, they also shoot for information network-related qualifications such as Japan’s IT Passport*1 and CCNA*2. Small-sized classes ensure students receive close individual attention from instructors.

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