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The Graduate School of Humanities aims to help students explore traditional Japanese culture in a comprehensive and systematic way. By investigating the tangible and intangible aspects of the national culture, students can become highly qualified experts in their chosen field and effective interdisciplinary researchers.

The Graduate School of Economics aims to produce researchers and professional economists who possess a broad perspective and advanced knowledge that enables them to deal with the changing needs of society.

In order to promote stable economic growth in the global market, the Graduate School of Law and Policy aims to encourage students to take a diverse approach. This entails study of legal reform, global standardization, and the indispensible set of rules that comprise the framework for the international economic legal system. Following this approach, the program aims to produce professionals who are highly knowledgeable in international political economics and who are able to make intellectual contributions to the world based on the principle of international cooperation.

The goal of the Graduate School of Psychological Sciences is the education of highly capable professionals who will tackle various problems confronting modern society, such as child abuse and bullying at home or school; high rates of suicide and community crime; and accidents and disasters associated with the advancement of science and technology. For this purpose, the School has four policies that underscore its education and research: (1) use of the scientific approach; (2) practical applicability to the wider community; (3) interdisciplinary research; and (4) promotion of international exchange.

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