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Graduate School of Law and Policy

Law and Policy (Doctoral Program)

In order to promote stable economic growth in the global market, the Graduate School of Law and Policy aims to encourage students to take a diverse approach. This entails study of legal reform, global standardization, and the indispensible set of rules that comprise the framework for the international economic legal system. Following this approach, the program aims to produce professionals who are highly knowledgeable in international political economics and who are able to make intellectual contributions to the world based on the principle of international cooperation.


The Graduate School of Law and Policy is keeping with the educational principle of the newly relaunched Faculty of Law. As the developed program of the Faculty, the School has set up three distinctive specialized courses, each of which covers the cutting-edge legal area where the old legal education was not enough to meet its needs and provides an intensive research education combining theory and practice.
Predicting that the international economic system of the 21st century will develop WHO (World Trade Organization), an organization that deals with liberalizing international trade, as its core, the School centers on taking a diverse approach to the fundamental rules, which are indispensable for establishing the international economic legal system, from the perspectives of legal reform and global standardization, in order to build sound economic growth in the global market.

Three Policies (Diplomas, Curriculum, and Admissions) (PDF:68KB)PDF

The School's Program

The School offers a five-year Doctoral Program consisting of a two-year first-stage program (generally called zenki -katei) followed by a three-year program (koki-katei). Lectures and instruction will be given mainly by the faculty who specialize in law.


The Graduate School has a common research room and a study room with booths (desks and chairs), worktables, bookshelves, lockers, computers with Internet connection, copy machines, and other facilities to offer students a perfect setting to meet their personal studies and research activities. In addition, all seminar classrooms are equipped with television, video, and other equipment.

Graduate Student's Benefits

Each student will be assigned a supervisor appropriate to the intended field of study and will be offered one-on-one, in-depth research instruction on thesis writing. Other teaching staff of the University are also willing to assist students in the research process. Additionally, use of the library, copy machines, computers, and other equipment are available.

International Students

There is no specific selection process for international students. However, International students are required to be proficient in the Japanese language, since seminars and lectures are principally conducted in Japanese, with the exception of “Japanese Law System,” an English Lecture that offers the overview of Japanese legal history, system, and character as well as an explanation of basic legal concepts and terms of Japanese law for the beginners of Japanese law.

Admission for Adult Students

There is no specific selection process for adult students.

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