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Department of Law

Turn your legal knowledge into an asset; be a civil servant or businessperson who stands for people and society.

Think in legal terms—about local events and international issues.

Modern society demands that young people have the ability to identify and solve problems independently and that they demonstrate the intelligence needed to build a new society.
The Department of Law responds to these demands by fostering individuals who (1) have a solid grounding in all aspects of the law, (2) can think in legal terms, and (3) have the intellectual ability to develop policy.

Study Content

Students gain a solid grounding in legal matters. This allows them to understand current issues and equips them with the ability to think in legal terms so that they can solve such issues. In addition, they will acquire the policy-making ability required when setting a course for the future.

Nurturing model citizens and workers with three important abilities

Nurturing model citizens and workers with three important abilities


Civil Servant Course

This course is for students aiming to become police officers, firefighters, or civil servants in national or local government. Study topics cover a wide range of areas, including administrative basics, the handling of personal information, politics, economics, and diplomacy. Students receive full support and assistance in preparing for the civil service exams.

Enterprise Course

Students learn specialized knowledge and its application in classes with strong links to business in the real world, be it civil law, commercial law, or intellectual property law. They also receive preparation for licensing exams that improve their employment prospects in fields such as financial planning and real estate brokerage.

Daily Life Law Course

This course gives students the ability to solve a variety of legal problems that come up in everyday life. In classes covering areas such as constitutional law, civil law, and consumer law, students learn through examining case studies of major legal cases that have captured the public’s attention.

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