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Getting to Tezukayama University
Two campuses, just 30 minutes from Namba, Osaka
Osaka satellite campus in Nakanoshima, in the heart of Osaka

Tezukayama University is within an hour of both Osaka and Kyoto. Besides offering convenience for commuting, the location is great for students wanting to do a part-time job or get out on the town with friends.
Students can explore Nara and its rich history, check out the city sights of Osaka and Kyoto, or get their fill of culture and leisure in any number of other ways.


Train Travel Times

To Nara Higashi-Ikoma campus
FromKobeApprox. 70 min.
OsakaApprox. 31 min.
KyotoApprox. 49 min.
WakayamaApprox. 93 min.
Kansai International AirportApprox. 80 min.
Itami AirportApprox. 82 min.
TokyoApprox. 198 min.
To Nara Gakuen-Mae campus
FromKobeApprox. 73 min.
OsakaApprox. 34 min.
KyotoApprox. 44 min.
WakayamaApprox. 97 min.
Kansai International AirportApprox. 83 min.
Itami AirportApprox. 85 min.
TokyoApprox. 193 min.
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