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  • The Department of English Communication (英語コミュニケーション学科) & Tezukayama University Celebrate Ties With University of Mount Union


The Department of English Communication (英語コミュニケーション学科) & Tezukayama University Celebrate Ties With University of Mount Union


University of Mount Union representative Dawn Adams, Director of International Recruitment and Admission, was received by Tezukayama University students, faculty, and staff Saturday morning October 11. President Iwai welcomed Dawn Adams with a brief speech in English. Noting the 50th anniversary of the founding of Tezukayama University, President Iwai said that the university's first formal international relationship was with the University of Mount Union. (The two universities signed an MOA in 1986.) He expressed his appreciation for the exchanges and cooperation between the two universities over the years. He also said that he hopes to continue and to deepen that special relationship as Tezukayama University moves into the next 50 years.


Professor Kiyohide Nishikawa then spoke to the gathered group about some of the details of the exchanges between Tezukayama University and the University of Mount Union. He said that Dawn Adams has been a central part of those programs and stressed her importance in the success that has been achieved and satisfaction felt by the students who participated in the programs. He thanked her for all her help.


After drinking a toast to the continued good health of the relationship, everyone began eating from the delicious buffet that had been laid out. As the participants enjoyed the food, they moved about the room talking to each other and to Dawn Adams. The 15 students who had met her when they studied at the University of Mount Union were especially happy to see her again.


When everyone had had a chance to talk with her and eat some food, the gift exchange began. Each student received a purple souvenir from Dawn Adams. (The University of Mount Union's school color is purple.)

The next thing on the agendawas a campus tour. Students, teachers, and staff proudly guided Dawn Adams around campus. The highlights included the archaeology museum, the new computer rooms and lab, and the library, which houses the new C3 (C-cube) study area.


The tour ended back at the meeting room where everyone relaxed while talking again to Dawn Adams and remembering their time in America. As part of the Department of English Communication overseas offerings, one program is an "overseas, onsite study class" (海外臨地講義). In the four years of the program, students have studied at the University of Mount Union and taken field trips to places in the area (such as fire stations, a police office, a retirement home, an elementary school, a middle school, and a volunteer food bank) to learn first-hand. In different years, students also traveled to Niagara Falls or New York City. During Dawn's visit to Tezukayama University that day, students were able to remember and briefly relive those experiences. Some students had brought pictures to show and to deepen those memories.


It was with a little sadness that everyone said goodbye. But there was also hope and comfort in knowing that Dawn Adams and the University of Mount Union will be waiting to welcome them again.   




本学科の短期留学プログラムの一つである 海外臨地講義でお世話になったUniversity of Mount Union(マウントユニオン大学)のDawn Adamsさん が帝塚山大学を訪問されました。

訪問を記念して行われたパーティーでは、まず、岩井学長より歓迎の挨拶があり、次いで本学科の西川教授より長年に渡る 帝塚山大学との関係に対して、感謝の気持ちを込めて簡単な挨拶が行われました。

この歓迎パーティーには、卒業生を含む海外臨地講義に参加したことのある学生たちも集まり、ビュッフェ形式のランチを楽しみながら、久々に会うDawn Adamsさんとの会話に花を咲かせていました。


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Applause to Welcome Dawn  Chatting Over Food
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 Chatting Over Food Prepared to Toast 
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Giving Gift to Student Opening the Bento Box Present
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 Entering the Museum In the Museum