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Faculty of Psychology

Department of Psychology

Learn “new psychology” through experiments and practical exercises.
Explore people’s emotional lives in order to provide mental comfort.

Take a fascinating journey through the myriad fields of psychology.

As our society becomes increasingly complex, conventional concepts of human psychology are being challenged. Students in this department develop the skills to understand and solve a range of mental and behavioral issues from a psychological standpoint. We strive to foster individuals who can build a society in which mental care is provided based on a thorough understanding of the mind.

Study Content

In this department, students hone their interpersonal skills—a vital area in clinical psychology—by engaging in counseling and volunteer activities. A rich curriculum offers specialized study in four core fields of psychology: (1) experimental psychology, in which students conduct research into foundational areas of psychology such as perceptive and cognitive mechanisms; (2) social and applied psychology, in which human behavior is examined in a social context; (3) clinical and developmental psychology, which provide a framework for delivering individualized mental care; and (4) health and sports psychology, which explores mental training and mental health in sports.

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