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Department of English Communication

Through study abroad programs and practical work, students can acquire the knowledge and skill to discuss Japanese culture in English with people from different countries.

Acquire the English skills needed to express yourself and communicate Japanese culture to people around the world.

In this department, students partake in four programs: Communication in English, English Qualifications, Japanese Culture, and Cross-Cultural Understanding. Our comprehensive programs, which incorporate overseas study and practical work, enable students to acquire specialized expertise for communicating effectively with people from other countries.

What You Can Learn

Students can obtain language and communication skills by studying the following four programs, which are designed to expand students’ range of career options.

Four Programs to Learn Specialized Skills

Communication in English

Under the instruction of native speakers, students practice cross-cultural communication in English.

English Qualifications

This program involves intensive study towards obtaining various English qualifications, including TOEIC, TOEFL, STEP, and the Tourism English Proficiency Test.

Japanese Culture

Japanese culture and history is taught through programs prepared in coordination with the Department of Japanese Cultural Studies. At the same time, students learn how to communicate this knowledge in English.

Cross-Cultural Understanding

Students in this program study a wide variety of subjects, ranging from British and American culture, history, language, and literature, to translation and cross-cultural communication.

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