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Department of Economics

Learn to be a problem solver and make yourself more employable.
Take advantage of advanced IT facilities to boost your data analysis skills.

Study economic systems and understand how society, finance, and the world work.

In the Department of Economics, students learn about the systems on which society is based and study everyday activities such as shopping as well as global economic events.
Students gain knowledge on economics and finance; the state of public finances in Western countries and how it relates to Japan’s economy; and phenomena such as trends in economic stagnation, deflation, and employment. By seeing how all these global economic factors affect their lives, students gain the ability to understand and predict economic trends.

Learning Features

Learn about the latest economic theories and current events

By looking at economic events and key topics in the media in areas such as microeconomics, macroeconomics, and international finance, students learn the latest economic theories and cultivate the ability to analyze current issues.

Improve data analysis skills

Right from the first year, students develop computer skills and gradually explore more advanced data analysis through statistics and econometrics. They will acquire all the skills required to work in business, including the ability to gather and analyze data and present the results in report form.

Enjoy fuller learning through greater individual attention

The faculty’s advisor system brings out the best in students. The entire Faculty of Economics is dedicated to fostering students who, in their own unique way, can find and solve problems independently. Professors work with students right up to and through the post-graduation job-seeking phase.

01 Learn economic theories, 02 Improve data analysis skills, 03 Blossom through individual attention

Boost ability to find and solve problems

Learn skills useful to business, economics, and society


Economics & Society Course
Explore the economic side of society and everyday life.

In this course, students take an economic perspective on current issues such as the strong yen and the Trans-Pacific Partnership (an agreement to liberalize Asia-Pacific trade). By learning the mechanisms behind social phenomena such as consumption tax and pensions, students get to see “the big picture” of society, and they develop the ability to solve problems.

Finance & Economics Course
Understand how finance works and how companies behave.

Students acquire the practical skills needed for business by learning about the flow of money, stocks, and securities; business management philosophies; corporate behavior; and the workings of finance. Students can also study for certification in financial planning.

Economic Information Course
Make the most of economic information.

We foster the IT skills and instincts crucial to business. Students acquire the skills to gather, process, and analyze economic data using computers. They can also study for qualifications in IT and other areas while they learn programming and statistics.

World Economy Course
Grasp the economic implications of international relations.

Students seek to understand the movement of people, goods, and money. They also acquire the ability to understand and solve problems related to how these movements affect aspects of Japan’s economy such as trade and currency exchange rates.

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