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Department of Child Studies

Aim for simultaneous certification as a teacher at elementary school, kindergarten, and nursery school.

In March 2013, our first Department of Child Studies graduates will enter the workforce.

Our students graduate with a solid understanding of raising children over the long term, from nursery school and kindergarten through to elementary school. Graduates also develop the ability to help children grow strong and healthy, through both direct contact and through parental consultation and support. The curriculum is geared to helping students simultaneously gain certification for teaching at elementary school, kindergarten, and nursery school. Graduates should be ready to lead a class of children on their first day on the job.

Study Content

Through teaching practice using the university’s facilities and state-of-the-art equipment, students aim for certification at three levels of teaching as they gain the ability to contribute to child-rearing and childhood education in the community.

Gain front-line experience through affiliated schools

On the same campus as the university are an affiliated elementary school and kindergarten. This allows students to begin a practicum earlier than is possible at other universities and get a taste of what teaching is like in an actual classroom. The Department of Child Studies is tied to the campus’s Child Raising Support Center, through which students have the opportunity to take part in a range of hands-on educational activities.

Boost skills by using the latest equipment

This department provides extensive facilities that can be used to boost students’ teaching skills, including music lesson rooms, private piano lesson rooms, arts-and-crafts rooms, and computer labs. We also provide facilities geared to specific teaching areas, such as nursery school practice rooms and early childhood education demonstration rooms. Furnished with the very latest equipment, these facilities allow students to gain practical experience and acquire the high level of skill needed to care for and educate children effectively.

Engage in quality student-teacher interaction in small classes

Full-time teachers’ offices are located next to the classrooms, so assistance for students is always close at hand. Students can also receive assistance outside the set curriculum. For example, members of the teaching staff are available during spring vacation to help students with issues such as test-taking and interview strategies for company entrance exams. These are just a few of the advantages that come from the high teacher-to-student ratio in this department.

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